Мое хобби.Топики.English topics

Мое хобби.Образование в Англии.American and British Schools

Грустная канарейка. Английский оригинал: Blue canary, she feels so blue She cries and sighs, she waits for you Blue canary, the whole day long She cries and tries to sing a song Blue blue blue canary - Tweet tweet tweet - the whole day long She cries and sighs and tries To - tweet tweet tweet - to sing a song >>>


Мое хобби.Топики.English topics

I’m a cinema goer. And also I like watching films on TV or video. But I think, that watching a good film is the best relaxation.
It is thought-provoking and entertaining. Now a growing number of people prefer watching films on TV to attending cinemas.

There are wonderful comedies, love stories, science fiction, horror films, detective stories, and historical films on. There’s a variety of films available today.
It is difficult to live without cinema. One fact is clear for everyone: cinema makes our life better. Cinema helps us to forget different problems. When people watch films, they have a rest. Some films take people into another world.

I think it is a pure world, where usual problems do not even exist. Cinema is a great power, it helps us to understand our complex well. Cinema can leave nobody indifferent. It is so powerful that it provokes complex feelings. We meet a lot of people.
Everyone has his own opinion about something and like most of us I have my own opinion too, for example, about cinema. Cinema is a necessary and important part of my life. It is my essence, my mode of life and my happiness. Cinema helps me to cope with difficulties and with incorrigible problems. So that’s why I have chosen the topic ‘Cinema’.

American and British Schools

In America, all children from six to sixteen go to school. They spend six years in "elementary" school, and four or six years in "secondary" or "high" school. School education is free. At the end of every school year, the children take a test. If a child does well, he goes into next class ("grade").

If he doesn't do well, he has to repeat the grade. Some schools have modern teaching equipment. like computers and closed circuit television, but there are small country schools, with just one classroom.
At the end of their time at school, most students get a high school diploma. They take college admission tests. In Britain all children from five to sixteen go to school.

They spend six years in "primary" school, and then go on to "secondary" school. In Britain there are "state" schools, which are free, and private schools for which parents pay, Many British private schools are "boarding" schools.
The children stay at school all the time, and only come home in the holidays. They usually wear uniforms. Teaching in both countries is usually quite in formal.

Students often work together in groups? and go to the teacher only when they need help. At school pupils spend the most important of their lives. It is here that their characters and views are formed.
The word "school" always reminds us of our childhood and youth, of close and dear people in our life. ......................


Грустная канарейка (Blue сanary)

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