Blue Canary.
Грустная канарейка.

Английский оригинал: Blue canary, she feels so blue She cries and sighs, she waits for you Blue canary, the whole day long She cries and tries to sing a song Boy canary will sing a tango He will sing a sweet lullaby He will try to chase your blues away So please sweetheart, don't cry Blue canary, don't feel so blue For I know just what to do It won't take too long to sing this song And then fly home to you Blue blue blue canary - Tweet tweet tweet - the whole day long She cries and sighs and tries To - tweet tweet tweet - to sing a song.


Дуэт ДЗА ПИНАЦ - Грустная канарейка (Blue сanary)

Музыка и слова Винсент Фьорино (фото).