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Английский оригинал: Blue canary, she feels so blue She cries and sighs, she waits for you Blue canary, the whole day long She cries and tries to sing a song Boy canary will sing a tango He will sing a sweet lullaby He will try to chase your blues away So please sweetheart, don't cry Blue canary, don't feel so blue For I know just what to do It won't take too long to sing this song And then fly home to you Blue blue blue canary - Tweet tweet tweet - the whole day long She cries and sighs and tries To - tweet tweet tweet - to sing a song.


The Cinema
The Lumiere brothers made their first film in 1895. This film was demonstrated in one famous cafe in Paris. The first films were silent and short, but they were popular among people.
The USA was the leader in the production of films. The first sound film appeared in 1927. Soon coloured films appeared.
Cinematography has a long history in our country too.
Pioneers of the Russian cinema were Protozanov, Gardin, later Pudovkin and Dovzhenko. At that time films were silent and black-and-white.
Later films became sound and colourful.
Some years ago it was popular to go to the cinemas in Moscow. It was difficult to buy a ticket for a good film and we had to stand in a queue for hours.
But now we prefer to stay at home and watch TV and video films.

In England the cinema is usually called "the pictures". The prices of cinema seats in London are high. In the past cinemas were more popular than they are now. It is interesting that in some towns in Britain the cinemas are closed on Sundays.
I like to see documentary films best of all. Some of them are rather interesting, because they tell us the truth about the history of our country.

I like to see films about school life. As I study at school, such films are connected 0th me. It is interesting to see films about school life in England, France, Spain and in the USA. It is interesting to know about foreign education and to see their schools.

My favourite Russian film is "Moscow doesn't believe in tears". It is the true story about the girl. She leaves her village for Moscow. This film tells us about her difficulties, about her wish to live in the capital, about her friends. I am sure that it is a kind and a clever film.

Грустная канарейка (Blue сanary)

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